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DARK MATTER 101 ~ Book Launch

Mark Winger was the everyman protagonist. A down-on-his-luck nobody with nothing and yet everything to lose. One night he receives a disconcerting phonecall from the mysterious Jack Twain, a suave noir Detective from both the future and the past. Against his better judgement he becomes entangled in the most sinister of conspiracies, unwittingly conscripted to the militant regime of the Unity Alliance and their mission to procure an ancient and most terrible weapon, The Exodus Machine.

With that in mind, Mark is assigned the most impossible task of hunting down the most wanted man in the galaxy, the mentally deranged outlaw, known only as Starboy and complications inevitably arise. 

The inept debut novel from Shane Brannagh is unrestrained pulp at its finest...with sea monsters, gunslingers and tedious monologues galore...Sure what else would you want?

Join Shane Brannagh in Matt Molloy's Yard Bar on Friday, 29th Septmember at 7pm for what is sure to be an entertaining introduction to his debut novel, Dark Matter 101.

Admission: Free



Earlier Event: September 21
Later Event: October 12